7 Trendy Winter Must-Haves for your Closet

The trees are bare. The temperature has dropped. You cling to your warm blanket at night just like the icy frost that clings to your car in the early morning. You can see your breath in the air. You warm up your car for twenty minutes before you hop in. It’s that time of the year again. You guessed it...it’s winter season! Aside from the tedious car warmup routines in the morning and a higher-than-normal heat bill, there ARE some things to look forward to during the winter time. Hot chocolate by the fireplace and holiday sales are one thing (well…two things), but what about the latest trends in winter fashion wear like a stylish off the shoulder sweater dress that can turn an ordinary 9-5 working, sweatpants-wearing mom into a supermodel from the Winter edition of a modern-day fashion magazine. Nothing looks more chic than polished winter coats paired with an array of footwear and accessories to complete the look. Upgrade your style with these winter fashion must-haves below!


1. Oversized Knitted Sweaters

Oversized knitted sweaters are perfect during the cold season because they pair so well with various items of clothing for a complete, fashionable look either for day or night. Throw on a pair of fitted jeans and sexy pumps for a casual yet sassy look in the office or a brunch date. Or take it a step further and grab some black leather pants and boots for a dazzling night out with the ladies. Whether it’s a turtleneck or mock neck, loose sleeves or fitted, you’re guaranteed to find a style option to fit your desired look!


2. Long Trench Coats

There’s something sophisticated about a long trench coat that always catches the eye. These coats are perfect for colder than normal nights; just remember to get a thick layered one so that you don’t freeze your buns off…literally! Beige long trench coats are neutral so they can be paired with almost anything. We like to think that beige is the new black!


3. Fleece Lined Pants

Let’s face it…during the cold wintery months, the only thing you may feel like wearing are cozy sweatpants. Right? Well, here’s an alternative! Fleece lined pants may look like your typical active wear but they add an extra benefit by keeping you warm while outdoors. Pair these pants with a knitted sweater or jacket and some sneakers, maybe even some Vans and you’ve got yourself a sporty but modish look.


4. White Puffer Jackets

Puffer jackets are not just your ordinary, functional outerwear for the winter. Yes, we want that added insulation for cold temperatures, but isn't it also possible to be fashionable at the same time? It can be with white puffer jackets! There’s something about white puffer jackets that gives an added touch of refinement to your look.


5. Knitted Long Sweater Dresses

Like the oversized sweater tops, these dresses can be matched and accessorized with practically anything and it adds a bit more coverage. What’s great about these dresses is that thermal or fleece leggings can be added underneath for added protection against the cold while keeping the look intriguing. Pumps, booties, and knee-high boots are great footwear options to pair with these classic dresses.


6. Wide Legged Wool Pants

Are jeans and sweats your go to for keeping your legs warm during the winter? If you’ve asked yourself, “what else is there?”…here’s an item you can jot down as a reminder to pick up during your next shopping spree: wide legged wool pants. It’s a definite upgrade from the casual look with these stylish pants. Dress the look up with accessories like a belt, scarf or fedora. Super sleek for the office and social hangouts, these pants are truly eclectic and versatile. Complement the pants with combat boots, tennis sneakers, leather boots, or pumps. Add that puffer jacket or trench coat to make the fit even more contemporary.


7. Oversized Cardigans

Jazz up your winter look by swapping the hoodies for a nice cardigan. It’s preppy, it’s chic, it’s modern…. it’s a cardigan! Like the oversized knitted sweaters, cardigans allow you to mix and match with tops underneath…because of course…it’s all about layers in the winter! Cardigans are great for casual and quaint occasions. Look great, while feeling comfortable!


Don’t conform to being ordinary this winter season! Step up your style game from the basics and become more fashion forward this winter. Yes, keeping warm is the number one goal during the cold season but you can trend up on a budget with these options and go from boring to baddie! Keep on the lookout all you fabulous Shoe Slayers for must have winter accessories that would go great with your winter looks!

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