Four 'Must Have' Spring Shoe Trends for 2019!

The spring season brings new trends, not just in clothing, but in the footwear department as well! Women's shoes are a big deal and designers are always finding new sources of inspiration for satisfying different tastes and styles! Like fashion, the footwear industry is starting to offer fashionable and trendy footwear for women in larger sizes. Acknowledging that "Big is beautiful" is another step towards inclusion and showing respect for all women of different sizes. Regardless of the size, the shoes today come as trendy as they can be, with not limit of fashionable choices! Read on to find out what women around the world will be wearing on their feet this spring!

Flip Flops

Believe it or not, flip flops are one of the biggest women’s shoe trends this season! Their simplicity and comfort make them a staple in casual footwear and they can pair with absolutely anything. Some of the high fashion brands have even styled flip flops with suits and dresses, but you can never go wrong with a pair of jeans or shorts and a cute shirt. And for the beach – they are a must!

Flip Flops

Wedge Sandals

Wedges sandals are also in this season! They are chic, colorful and modern. Something between a heel and sandal, they give just the necessary boost in height for every silhouette. Just like flip flops,  wedges go with pretty much any outfit and they can range from casual to dressy. The PVC styles are especially popular right now. With so many options, these are a perfect go to style for spring!

Wedge Sandals

Seashell Embellishments

Any jewelry, accessories or clothing with seashells on it are a must have this season! From hoop earrings to the obvious beachwear, seashells have made a comeback on the fashion scene. As for footwear, you may start to notice seashells as an accented accessory on various types of shoes. What better way to channel beach vibes on the hot city streets this spring as a modern city mermaid!

Seashell Shoes

Feathery Flats and Heels

Feathers are another big trend this spring! They are a fun and flirty addition to both flats and heels. Some of the most recent runway shows previewed different styles of feathery footwear – some with feathers right on the heel, some with feathers lined on the straps, and some with feather coming out from the sides!  Vibrant, colorful feathers will give your feet a glamorous look and feel. Try styling your feathery footwear with pieces that have tulle or lace on them.

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