The Shoe Slay was an idea born out of the founder's personal experience of being a female that wears a size 12 in shoes. Shoe shopping for women, can be a very frustrating experience when looking for larger sizes. Even if a shoe store, by chance, offers large sizes in women's shoes, there usually isn't very much variety in styles. That's where we come in at The Shoe Slay! The Shoe Slay was created to address the lack of availability and variety in larger-sized women's shoes. We understand all too well the difficulty in finding fashionable and affordable shoes in larger sizes.
At The Shoe Slay, we aim to offer our customers a variety of fashionable shoes at affordable prices in sizes 10-13 and we always keep an eye on the latest trends in women's shoes. We believe that shoe shopping should be easy and fun no matter what size you wear. A great pair of shoes can do wonders for a woman’s self-esteem and we believe that all women should be able to experience that feeling regardless of their shoe size. Our shoes serve as a reminder to women with larger feet that beauty is not limited by size. We want our shoes to empower our larger-soled fashionistas to step out in confidence! Here at The Shoe Slay you’ve got options!!!

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